A New Agency Management System Is Upon Us That Has This Team Very Excited!  Why?

Agency management systems up to this point have been feature driven systems. What that means is when the system was designed it was designed to provide you with features … I need notes, follow ups, to send and receive email, etc. Feature driven.

The problem with feature driven systems is they aren’t very effective in helping your agency process your work in an efficient way. That’s not what they were designed to do. They were designed to provide you with features. Processing your work became an after thought. This is why you’re so frustrated with how your system and other systems process work, with the learning curve of the systems on the market and how many steps and windows you have to go through to process a simple task.

The new agency management system’s by Agency AutomationTEAM, Inc. were designed by insurance automation consultants with an extensive background and understanding of insurance automation, increasing your productivity and proper workflows to process your work in the most efficient way possible.

Because of their extensive background in this industry they’ve created the first process driven systems to ever be designed. They knew how an agency management system needed to be designed and what it needed to do before a single line of code was written. The end conclusion is a system that will massively increase your productivity.

We’re excited to see a system being released that doesn’t mimic the other systems on the market for a change. It seems that this is what all of the new vendors and systems in the past 11 years have done … simply mimicked the systems on the market bringing yet another “feature driven” system to us. Instead, Agency AutomationTEAM, Inc. designed an agency management system like it should be designed … to work like you work to help you get your job done in the fastest, most efficient way possible!

From our initial review, we are very excited about this system and expect to hear great reports from agencies about this system. From what we’ve seen this system is going to provide agencies in a tough economy with a product that will massively increase their productivity allowing each CSR to manage a much larger book of business.  And when you consider increased productivity = increased profitability, you should be very excited about this system too.

Finally, here’s how President Bradley Chesnut of Agency AutomationTEAM, Inc. explains a quick difference between the two agency management systems that they’ll be releasing …


“Agency AutomationTEAM, Inc. is bringing to the industry TWO different management systems. If you’re comparing our systems with other systems on the market, you’d use the Desktop CSR. The other systems, like the Desktop CSR, are Client & Policy management systems.

If, however, you’re looking for a system to automate more of your agency — a true agency management system — then you’d want to review the TIME Agency Management System. The TIME Agency Management System is bringing tools to automate more of your agency, offers a lot of powerful features giving you the tools to work “on” your agency and provides a much more complete automation solution for your agency!”


Keep your eye on this company and product. Not only are they introducing the next real evolution in agency automation to the industry, they are bringing a whole new much more effective approach to training and support to the industry. As insurance automation consultants they’ve been training and working with agencies the past 20 years. They’ll be offering advanced training no other vendor offers, yet is instrumental to your overall success!

Update To Article, January 20, 2014:

When we first submitted this article, we anticipated the system to be on the market a long time ago.

Along with having a test-drive of where the system is now, we just got confirmation that the system will go into its final round of BETA testing in August of 2014. Like Mr. Chesnut, President, pointed out to us, “What we’re doing and are bringing to the industry has never been done or offered before. To create a system that will massively increase an agencies productivity based upon proper workflows and then to make the system extremely easy to use required a complete re-engineering of the agency management system and that just simply took a lot more time than we had anticipated. Not willing to make mistakes in table structures and design layouts, we’ve been meticulous in this system every step of the way. It’ll be well worth the wait.”

We are very excited to see the reaction of the agencies who jump on this system because we for one are extremely impressed with this system, the layout, how incredibly easy it is to learn and use. For example, you can teach a new CSR how to process a transaction — renewals, new application, claims, endorsements — in literally 30 seconds. What they showed us here just blew us away! There’s not another system on the market that can do this, or even come close to this.

Because of the design of this system and how it’s driving force is to, as Mr. Chesnut puts it, “Give agencies back their time,” we know that increased productivity means increased profitability which is why we expect to see a huge demand for this product.

I hope they’re ready because I’m certain this industry will be very thankful for the years of development time its taken to get this system written and the huge investment of money to have the agency management system completely re-engineered, a first ever for this industry.

We were also really impressed with Mr. Chesnut’s position of, “No agencies left behind.” What he means by that is every agency, regardless of their size (specifically the small 1, 2 and 3 person agency) should be able to afford a state-of-the-art agency management that will allow them to quickly and easily process their work to greatly minimize how soon they’ll need to hire more CSR’s to manage their book of business. The more clients and policies a single CSR can manage the more profitable an agency will be, and Mr. Chesnut knows that this is more important to a small agency with a small budget and limited financial resources than any other agency. That’s why the system has been priced the way it is … so even the smallest agency can afford it!

Thus, no agencies left behind. That’s cool!