Vertafore Stops Selling Prime & InStar

In a strategic move, Vertafore has discontinued selling AMS Prime and InStar. Our sources tell us they offered InStar users the ability to move up to their 360 system and retain their same support fees for 3 years. We assume they made the same offer to Prime users.

What we don’t know at this moment is if there are any additional costs to make the move to 360 like paying for a data conversion or being required to purchase training.

After 3 years, the support fees will then go to the normal AMS 360 rates for their size agency and the add-on modules they included. From the prices we have on these two products, for just 5 users that will be a $430/mo increase in support fees.

Then comes the next big problem Prime & InStar users will face after 3 years … getting their data so it can be converted to a new system should they choose not stay wtih the much higher priced AMS 360 after the 3 years. It’s our understanding that AMS charges agencies $3,000+ to get their data to convert to another system.

While charging to get the data is great for Vertafore, it’s not so good for the agency.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to this strategic move than what we’ve written here and as we learn more we’ll add it to this page.

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