What’s Important to You In An Agency Management System?

There’s a lot of speculation of what you want in an agency management system. From what we see, it looks like the majority of vendors are missing the mark. Let’s find out what agencies really want from their automation system.

In addition, this site is for YOU. It’s from the information we’ll be adding information to this site.

It’s important that you fill out the first 3 fields in the survey. We’ll compile the survey by these 3 fields so you can see how the answers differ based upon these 3 areas. You’ll be amazed!

In addition, we will be adding information to this website based upon this survey.

We will break down the survey by the 3 fields below. Please provide the following information:

Our Agency Is Predominately:
Current Management System:
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The following questions are specific to agency management systems:

1. What are the main things you look for in an agency management system?

2. What has to be in an agency management system?

2a. What's not a big deal?

3. When claims are made about a system or what a system can do, what proof do you need to validate the claims? (i.e. written testimonial letters, audio testimonials, video testimonials, actually talking to another user, etc. ... list in order of priority)

4. What are the main things that would stop you from purchasing a management system?

6. Is the Purchase Price or the Return On Investment (ROI) more important when considering management systems?

7. How would you need to be shown the ROI of a system ... what would PROVE to you the systems ROI?

8. Which system on the market do you feel are the key players and why?

9. When reviewing a management system, what's important? 1=High Priority, 2=Okay, 3=Not Important, 0=Default Number (please choose 1, 2 or 3).

A. Initial Purchase Price
B. Ongoing Support Fees
C. Return On Investment
D. Ability to drop workload
E. Being single-entry
F. Having specific features. List those specific features ...

G. Being easy to use
H. Having a short learning curve
I. Ability to run from Internet
L. Customer Support of the product
M. Ongoing Enhancements

10. What's your biggest frustrations with the system you're currently on? Where are they missing the mark?

11. What do you like the best with the system you're currently on? What are they doing right?

12. What kind of information would you like to see in this website that would be helpful and beneficial to you?


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