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At this page you can any insurance industry specific products your agency personally uses or have used in the past. This is not just for agency management systems, but also for other products and services like rating programs, training services geared specifically for insurance agencies, marketing services by companies specifically targeting insurance agencies, etc.

In the pull-down choice below we primarily list agency management systems (the main players currently being sold). If you’re providing a review of a product or service not in the list, just choose “Other” and put the name of the company or product in the Other field.

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The email and website fields are required so we can confirm this review, if we feel it’s necessary, to make sure it came from you and not someone else. It’s important to us and agencies who read the reviews to know they are accurate and not “manufactured” to hurt a company or to boost a company.

We are also asking some profile questions like % PL, % CL and # of users because reviews from alike agencies (size and main LOB writing) should have more weight to an agency to help them get a good feel for product or service.

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