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Dear Agency Owner or Staff Member,

When considering an agency management system, there’s a lot of factors to consider…

  • The type of agency you are
  • Your goals and the direction you’re moving toward
  • What your current automation needs are
  • What your future automation needs will be
  • What results you’re after from your agency management system
  • What your specific needs are now

… and a bunch of other questions. Choosing an agency management system is a big job, and a personal decision at that! Personal because you never really know what the true motivation was from your peers on why they chose the system they did.

For example, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that purchased a system because of the lower price or for other poor reasons.

However, even if they do purchase it because of the low price (or for another poor reason) they’ll justify the decision with other reasons that make more sense because most aren’t about to tell their peers that they ultimately purchased the system because of the price.

That is not the kind of person you want to talk to about what system you should get for your agency. You choose a system because it makes sense for YOUR agency and the direction you’re going.

Sound easy? It’s not!

And here your journey begins … trying to determine which system and vendor makes the most sense for your agency.

I just talked to an agency the other day that has spent the last 6 months aggressively reviewing systems. He concluded the following …

No one system meets all of his needs; all vendors spend all of their time discussing whistles and bells and didn’t show him how their system would help him process and handle his day to day work; the systems are way too complex and difficult to learn and use; if you don’t ask the right question you’re not going to get the answer you’re after; and so on.

He found it very difficult and frustrating to review systems. After 6 months he doesn’t feel like he’s any further ahead. Instead he feels just more confused and more frustrated.

This is why we’ve created this website. To answer the tough questions and give straight-forward answers. Having said that, the challenge is addressing and answering all of the questions … that’s a very time consuming project.

Other Areas Of This Site, And Additional Information About This Site…

How You Can Help – The Survey

This website is relatively new and is still being worked on. Bare with us as we build it, design it and populate it with content. Want to help us?

The key area you can go to help us is the survey. This will help us stay on track of building a website that answers your questions about agency management systems and insurance software systems.

In addition, if you have questions go to the Questions Page and ask them. Your question may be the next article or blog we write.

New For 2014, Reviews!

And a new area we added in 2014 is reviews … where you can submit reviews of products you use or have used, and where you can read reviews from other agencies.

We clearly understand that even though we have an extensive background with insurance management systems, there’s still nothing better than hearing about the experiences other agencies have had with systems, products and services they’ve purchased and used from your input with survey and from submitting reviews.

Vendor Specific Information

As we learn key things about specific products or with vendors we feel is important for this site and the audience who come here for information we’ll share it with you under the Vendor Specific menu.

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